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Biochar Northeast (United States)

March 2011 Update

Members from Biochar Northeast recently participated in the Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA) conference in Springfield MA by hosting two biochar booths—with information on biochar in soils and production, a hands on learning center with samples of different biochars, and a number of small biochar units including TLUD stoves and a larger toucan unit. Following the ELA conference, the board held a meeting to review progress and plan activities for 2011. Biochar Northeast is in the process of designing and building a website which should be online soon.

August 2010 Update

Click here for the First Biochar Northeast Newsletter

May 2010 Update

On July 16, 17 an 18, Biochar New England will be producing more or less continuous demonstrations at the Biochar Theater at the 16th Annual SolarFest in Tinmouth, Vermont. SolarFest is a three-day festival of music and alternative/sustainable practices. It is run entirely on solar power and biofuels, and nets back to the grid every watt-hour required to run the festival.

SolarFest is an impressive display of what is real today and possible tomorrow in sustainable energy, agriculture, technology, and living. Biochar Northeast will be running the Biochar Theater, maintaining an information and sales booth, and making presentations in the education tenets. The tent presentation slots are closed, but we are looking for volunteers for our information and sales boot and for Biochar Theater demonstrations. If you would like to display or demonstrate in the Biochar Theater, contact Peter Hirst at To volunteer at the display booth, contact Doug Clayton at

April 2010 Update

On April 11, 2010 the Board of Directors met and resolved to change Northeast Biochar Association, Inc to Biochar Northeast, Inc. We’re pleased to announce that this name change is now official. The Board felt the need for the name of the organization to more closely reflect our primary emphasis on Biochar, our web domain and our mission of Advancing the Ethical use and Creation of Biochar. We are building a regional organization to advance this important and hopeful work and we encourage your participation and membership.

February 2010

Biochar Northeast, the new group conceived at the Northeast Biochar Symposium at Amherst Massachusetts last November, has announced that it is formally organized and incorporated, and is seeking members. The 13 founding Board members represent most of the New England States, New York, and Pennsylvania. BN has adopted as its mission "To advance the ethical use and creation of biochar".  

In pursuit of this mission, NEBA President and Board Chair Peter Hirst has announced three new initiatives. First, NEBA is sponsoring the Northeast Research and Development Initiative, led by Dr. Hugh McLaughlin, a group of biochar researchers and innovators who also joined forces at Amherst to develop biochar technology, applications and standards. Second, NEBA's first public appearance will be at the Ecological Landscaping Association Conference on February 25 at the MassMutual center in Springfield Mass. This Conference will feature a number of biochar exhibits, including an IBI booth and a display of the newest Mobile Adam Retort.

The Association's third planned activity will be a three-day presentation, training and demonstration program at SolarFest in Tinmouth Vermont, July 16, 17, and 18. At Solarfest, NEBA will sponsor an information and sales booth, several tent presentations, and a continuous series of demonstrations and hands-on workshops, including pyrotechnics, at the outdoor Biochar Theater set up specially for the purpose.

As Board member Dr. Kelli Roberts puts it "we see ourselves as the nucleus of  a web of people and organizations working to build ethical and sustainable biochar systems in our region".

The Association welcomes members who would like to be an active part of this growing nucleus, and participate in its ambitious program of exploration and innovation in the use and creation of biochar. For more information email or Dale Hendricks (Communications Department).