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Jordan Biochar Research Initiative (JBRI)

The Jordan Biochar Research Initiative (JBRI) was initiated in Jordan on 2014 by Dr. Osama Mohawesh at Mutah University, with “Support Research and Technological Development and Innovation initiatives and Strategies in Jordan” funding from the European Union (EU-SRTDII). A number of researchers with related expertise have joined the research efforts of JBRI, which is aimed primarily at improving our understanding of how biochar functions in modern agricultural systems. We see an intensive and broad-based scientific program as providing essential background and knowledge in advance of advocating the large-scale use of biochar in soil.

Sustainable agriculture and water productivity in Jordan need enhancement by integration of innovative methods, knowledge, and extension that allow stakeholders and farmers to evaluate the feasibility of new, user-friendly, and cost-effective technologies. The main objective is to start a research program that aimed to implement biochar use in agriculture to evaluate the benefits of biochar as a soil amendment to enhance nutrient and water use efficiency for different cropping systems in Jordan, and demonstration activities related to the use of biochar as a possible strategy to improving crop yield and reduce economic and health vulnerability to climate change.

The specific objectives of JBRI are:

  1. Build, troubleshoot and optimize a low-cost pyrolysis machine to produce designer biochar using several available local feedstocks;
  2. Evaluate the benefits of biochar as a soil amendment (prospects costs, benefits, and risks) to enhance  nutrient and water use efficiency for different cropping systems in Jordan, hence improving crop yield and reduce economic and health vulnerability to climate change;
  3. Empowering rural communities to use a simple and cost-effective farming practice brings about the direct benefits of improving crop yield and subsequently livelihoods;
  4. Enhancement of agricultural and environmental sustainability education by integration of new, user-friendly and cost-effective technologies into courses curriculum;
  5. Developing training manuals, documentation, videos, and websites and conducting an outreach campaign and training workshop to demonstrate the outcomes in Jordan and the Middle East.

Currently running funded projects

  1. Utilizing Biochar  Technology for sustainable agriculture in Jordan
  2. Effect of biochar as soil amendment on soil properties and plant growth performance under rain-fed conditions

Future work

  1. Biochar application for wastewater and soil remediation
  2. Biochar application with  olive mill wastewater
  3. Biochar application to enhance water resources management and soil fertility in the Jordan Valley

JBRI group:

  1. Dr. Osama Mohawesh, Group leader
  2. Dr. Mohammed Al-Eideh
  3. Prof. Farah Al-Nasir
  4. Prof. Atif Mahadeen
  5. Eng. Bayan Al-Soub
  6. Eng. Muqdam Al-Dmour

Dr. Osama Mohawesh, Group leader
Associate Professor of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Department of Plant Production, Faculty of Agriculture
Mutah University, P.O. Box: 7, Karak, Jordan
Tel. 00962-3-2372380 Ext 4945/4950
Fax. 00962-3-2323154
Mobile: 00962-0797408855