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Biochar for Environmental Management: Science and Technology

This all encompassing book on biochar, Biochar for Environmental Management, is edited by IBI Board members Johannes Lehmann and Stephen Joseph. The volume explores a diverse set of aspects needed to advance the application of biochar for environmental management. Authors with expertise in the basic sciences as well as economics, marketing and policy summarize our current knowledge and provide a roadmap for future research and development of biochar.

Order a copy now at the Earthscan website.

Receive 20% off the price by typing "biochar" into the voucher code box when checking out. The volume was published by Earthscan Publishers Ltd (ISBN 978-1-84407-658-1) March 2009.

Now available:

Introduction, Foreward, and Chapter 1 in PDF Format from Earthscan Press of Biochar for Environmental Management. Click on any of the PDF files below to download the text.  The entire book is available online to paid IBI members (email sent July 2010).  If you are a paid member and need access to the book, please email Thayer Tomlinson.

Table of Contents

  1. Biochar for Environmental Management: An Introduction
    Johannes Lehmann and Stephen Joseph
  2. Physical Properties of Biochar
    Adriana Downie, Alan Crosky and Paul Munroe
  3. Characteristics of Biochar: Microchemical Properties
    James E. Amonette and Stephen Joseph
  4. Characteristics of Biochar: Organo-chemical Properties
    Evelyn S.Krull, Jeff A. Baldock, Jan O. Skjemstad and Ronald J. Smernik
  5. Biochar: Nutrient Properties and Their Enhancement
    K.Yin Chan and Zhihong Xu
  6. Characteristics of Biochar: Biological Properties
    Janice E.Thies and Matthias C. Rillig
  7. Developing a Biochar Classification and Test Methods
    Stephen Joseph, Cordner Peacocke, Johannes Lehmann and Paul Munroe
  8. Biochar Production Technology
    Robert Brown
  9. Biochar Systems
    Johannes Lehmann and Stephen Joseph
  10. Changes of Biochar in Soil
    Karen Hammes and Michael W. I. Schmidt
  11. Stability of Biochar in Soil
    Johannes Lehmann, Claudia Czimczik,David Laird and Saran Sohi
  12. Biochar Application to Soil
    Paul Blackwell, Glen Riethmuller and Mike Collins
  13. Biochar and Emissions of Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases from Soil
    Lukas Van Zwieten, Bhupinderpal Singh, Stephen Joseph, Stephen Kimber, Annette Cowie and K.Yin Chan
  14. Biochar Effects on Soil Nutrient Transformations
    Thomas H. DeLuca,M.Derek MacKenzie and Michael J. Gundale
  15. Biochar Effects on Nutrient Leaching
    Julie Major, Christoph Steiner, Adriana Downie and Johannes Lehmann
  16. Biochar and Sorption of Organic Compounds
    Ronald J. Smernik
  17. Test Procedures for Determining the Quantity of Biochar within Soils
    David A. C. Manning and Elisa Lopez-Capel
  18. Biochar, Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Emissions Trading
    John Gaunt and Annette Cowie
  19. Economics of Biochar Production, Utilization and Greenhouse Gas Offsets
    Bruce A. McCarl, Cordner Peacocke,Ray Chrisman, Chih-Chun Kung and Ronald D. Sands
  20. Socio-economic Assessment and Implementation of Small-scale Biochar Projects
    Stephen Joseph
  21. Taking Biochar to Market: Some Essential Concepts for Commercial Success
    Mark Glover
  22. Policy to Address the Threat of Dangerous Climate Change: A Leading Role for Biochar
    Peter Read