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Influence of biochar addition on the humic substances of composting manures

TitleInfluence of biochar addition on the humic substances of composting manures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJindo, Keiji, Sonoki Tomonori, Matsumoto Kazuhiro, Canellas Luciano, Roig AsunciĆ³n, and Sanchez-Monedero Miguel A.
JournalWaste Management
Date Published1/2016

Application of biochar (10% v/v) to a manure composting matrix was investigated to evaluate its effect on the chemical composition of humic substances during the composting process. The characteristics of the humic acid (HA) and fulvic acid (FA) fractions were analyzed in compost mixtures originating from two different manures (poultry manure (PM) and cow manure (CM)). The C contents of HA and FA from the manure compost/biochar blends (PM+B and CM+B) were higher than those from PM and CM, with an enhanced recalcitrant fraction, as determined by thermogravimetric analysis. Spectroscopic analysis showed that enrichment of aromatic-C and carboxylic-C occurred in the FA fractions of PM+B and CM+B to a greater extent than in PM and CM. Biochar addition into the composting mixture improved the final compost quality, especially for the light humified fraction (FA).

Short TitleWaste Management