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Adsorption Characteristics of Aqueous Ammonium Using Rice hull-Derived Biochar

TitleAdsorption Characteristics of Aqueous Ammonium Using Rice hull-Derived Biochar
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsChoi, Yong-Su, Shin Joung-Du, Lee Sun-Il, and Kim Sung-Chul
JournalKorean Journal of Environmental Agriculture
Pagination155 - 160
Date Published09/2015

왕겨 바이오차의 N 2 O의 배출을 감소하기 위한 NH 4 -N의 흡착제로서 가능성을 연구하기 위해 NH 4 -N 용액을 이용하여 왕겨 바이오차의 흡착 특성을 조사하였다. NH 4 -N 제거율은 왕겨 바이오차를 많이 첨가할수록 NH 4 -N 제거율이 증가하는 경향을 보이는 반면에, 바이오차 무게(g) 당 NH 4 -N 흡착량은 감소하는 경향을 보였다. 왕겨 바이오차를 이용한 흡착 실험 결과를 Langmuir 흡착등온식에 적용하여 최대 단분자층 흡착량( qm ), 흡착 친화도( b ), 무차원 상수 RL 를 산출하였다. 그 결과 무차원 상수 RL 값이 0-1사이에 있어 Langmuir 흡착등 온식을 잘 표현하였다. 따라서 왕겨를 소재로 제조한 바이오 차는 흡착에 용이한 것으로 나타났다. 향후 이를 바탕으로 온실가스를 제어하기 위해 왕겨를 소재로 한 바이오차를 토양에 시용하였을 시 N 2 O 배출 감소를 위한 NH 4 -N 흡착 특성에 대한 연구가 필요한 것으로 판단된다. (Using a solution of NH 4 -N to study the possibility as an adsorbent of NH 4 -N to reduce the emissions of N 2 O in the chaff bio difference were the adsorption properties of rice hull bio car. NH 4 -N removal was the more added the car, on the other hand, a lot of rice hulls seems to tend to bio-NH 4 -N removal efficiency increases, the bio-car weight (g) NH 4 -N per adsorption amount decreased. Up to monolayer adsorption amount adsorbed by applying the experimental results using the Langmuir adsorption isotherm in order Bio chaff (QM), the adsorption affinity, (b), yielding a non-dimensional constant RL. As a result, the dimensionless constants RL values ​​are in between 0-1 Langmuir adsorption onsik were well represented. Therefore, manufacturing the chaff material, and bio difference was found in the ease of absorption. It is determined to be necessary the study of NH 4 -N adsorption properties for N 2 O emissions during hayeoteul Application bio car the chaff material to control the future. Based on this greenhouse gas in the soil.)

Short TitleKorean Journal of Environmental Agriculture