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零价铁改性生物炭材料对重金属的去除 (ZVI modified organisms CARBON removal of heavy metals)

Title零价铁改性生物炭材料对重金属的去除 (ZVI modified organisms CARBON removal of heavy metals)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsChen, Yang, and Sky Ma

正水体重金属污染随着现代工业的发展日趋严重,而重金属污染在水体中有很强的毒性持续性和不可生物降解性,通过生物富集进入食物链对人体健康造成严重危害,而镉是重金属当中毒性特别强的,对它的处理显得尤其重要。相比于氧化还原和化学沉淀这几类处理方法来说,用吸附法处理镉是一种价格低廉而又高效的处理方法。生物炭(biochar,BC)是生物质在缺氧或绝氧环境中,经高温热裂解后生成的固态产物,但是这样的生物炭很难选择性吸附污染物,因此要对生物炭进行改性,氨基改性能够加强 (N Heavy Metal Pollution With the development of modern industry is becoming more serious, and heavy metal pollution in the water is highly toxic and persistent non-biodegradable, enter the food chain through bioaccumulation cause serious harm to human health, while cadmium is a heavy metal which especially virulent, it is particularly important process. Compared to redox and chemical precipitation of these types of treatment methods, the processing of cadmium adsorption method is an inexpensive and efficient price approach. Biochar (biochar, BC) was solid product biomass in oxygen or anaerobic environment, after the high-temperature pyrolysis generated, but this is difficult to selectively adsorb pollutants biochar, biochar therefore be modified , amino-modified to strengthen)