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Reverse engineering of biochar

TitleReverse engineering of biochar
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMorales, Verónica L., Pérez-Reche Francisco J., Hapca Simona M., Hanley Kelly L., Lehmann Johannes, and Zhang Wei
JournalBioresource Technology
Pagination163 - 174
Date Published05/2015

This study underpins quantitative relationships that account for the combined effects that starting biomass and peak pyrolysis temperature have on physico-chemical properties of biochar. Meta-data was assembled from published data of diverse biochar samples (n=102) to (i) obtain networks of intercorrelated properties and (ii) derive models that predict biochar properties. Assembled correlation networks provide a qualitative overview of the combinations of biochar properties likely to occur in a sample. Generalized Linear Models are constructed to account for situations of varying complexity, including: dependence of biochar properties on single or multiple predictor variables, where dependence on multiple variables can have additive and/or interactive effects; non-linear relation between the response and predictors; and non-Gaussian data distributions. The web-tool Biochar Engineering implements the derived models to maximize their utility and distribution. Provided examples illustrate the practical use of the networks, models and web-tool to engineer biochars with prescribed properties desirable for hypothetical scenarios.

Short TitleBioresource Technology