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Biochars and soil humic surfactancy

TitleBiochars and soil humic surfactancy
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsChappell, M. A., Mao J. - D., Ford L. S., and Price C. L.

Biochar amendments can impart favorable structural and fertility characteristics
    to soil, but can also be useful for studying some of the more esoteric
    properties of humics, such as solubility, chelation, and surfactancy.
    Previous studies showed that aromatic-rich humics stabilize nanoparticle
    dispersions, while more recently, we presented evidence suggesting
    that aromatic-rich humics showed diminished surfactancy with increased
    O-alkyl and O-alkyl C-O functional group content. Thus, we present
    detailed structural studies on the surfactive ability of low quality
    biochars, which in addition to aromatics, are expected to contain
    fatty acid groups, but limited in glycosidic-type groups. In particular,
    we characterize the size and shape of the aromatic clusters using
    solid-state 13C NMR techniques, including a long-range C-H dipolar
    dephasing method. Theoretical calculations of aromatic cluster size
    and geometry will be compared to experimental data collected from
    condensed standards. Aromatic descriptions will be compared to biochar
    dissolution and potential to stabilize nanosilver dispersions.