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IBI Members Approve First International Biochar Standards

Tue, 05/08/2012
Kelpie Wilson

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) today announced final publication of the first international Biochar Standards after a two-week open ballot by IBI Membership. The IBI Biochar Standards are the result of a multi-year development process that was global, transparent, and inclusive, and that involved the input and participation of hundreds of research scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers and other stakeholders in the drafting, review and approval of the document. 

Click here for the complete text of the press release.

IBI’s membership approved the final version of the Biochar Standards by a 91% majority. Many of the members made comments expressing appreciation for the Biochar Standards, recognizing that this is an important first step for the biochar industry:

·       “I have watched the evolution of the guidelines and I appreciate all the work you have done and I know it is very comprehensive, will deter bad products from being purchased as biochar, and I believe your certification will help move the industry on and help the environment.  Thank You for the help you've given us.” 

·       “I appreciate the work that was done, the transparency with which the process was conducted and the declaration that these ‘guidelines’ are dynamic and voluntary. Congratulations, well done.”

·        “I am in full support of the effort to establish standards for biochar. The guidelines as they stand today are a good start and I believe it is important to get something into practical application as soon as possible so we can begin to get real-world experience that we can then use to refine the standards.”

·       ”I think consistent labeling in particular will be a great asset to the industry.”