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Biochar Multimedia

IBI is showcasing external videos and podcasts featuring biochar--click on any of the links below for more information.


  • Biochar on YouTube: IBI Short Introductory Segments: Julie Major, IBI's Agricultural Extension Director, narrates 3 short slideshows highlighting biochar basics: 
  • Does Biochar Deliver Carbon-Negative Energy? Video of a presentation by Dr. Johannes Lehmann at Stanford University on 19 May 2010 —  Johannes Lehmann, Associate Professor of soil biogeochemistry at Cornell University, discusses the characteristics of naturally occurring terra preta including its agricultural and carbon sequestering benefits and then turns to considering the factors involved with implementation industrial biochar systems for large-scale carbon sequestration and energy provision.
  • The Promise of Biochar by Lily Films: This 11 minute film was produced for IBI in preparation for the December 2008 UNFCCC Conference in Poznan Poland and provides an excellent overview on biochar.
  • Bellona FoundationFilm of Bellona Foundation Biochar side event at UNFCCC Copenhagen meetings from December 2009.
  • CharGrilled: Landline, May 2009. The role of biochar in carbon capture and Australian politics.
  • Ecopolis on the Discovery Channel: UC Berkeley Prof. Daniel Kammen narrates the program and expresses his support for biochar.
  • Engineer on turning sewage into charcoal: BBC News, March 2009. Video interview with German engineer Helmut Gerber as he demonstrates his pyrolysis machine.
  • How to make your plants grow faster: BBC News, March 2009. Video interview with Dr Bruno Glaser from Bayreuth University in Germany as he shows results of his experiments with biochar.
  • Il bio-segreto di Eldorado. The bio-secret of Eldorado. 12 March 2009, Nòva. Two video interviews here: one with inventor Nat Mulcahy demonstrating his pyrolyzing biomass stove, and one with Franco Miglietta, a researcher at the Institute of Biometeorology, CNR, in Florence, Italy, showing his biochar field trials.
  • The Australian Broadcast Corp (ABC) Catalyst segment on Agrichar, August 2007. Much of the program was filmed during the 2007 Conference in Terrigal, NSW, Australia.