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Proposal for Naming as “Global IBI Conference”

Organizers of national or regional conferences on biochar can apply to IBI for being named the “XXXX Global IBI Conference”. Only one conference is chosen each year. The deadline for proposals is February 1, 2017. The IBI Board or its committee will consider the proposals and select a conference by March 1, 2017.  Please submit the following information for consideration:

Name of the Representative for the Application:

Institution and Address of the Representative for the Application:

Submitted on:

Location of conference (including address):

Time of conference:

Details of the conference proposal:

Please note that IBI will not assume any financial responsibility for the conference. IBI will feature the conference as that year’s IBI conference on the IBI website and in multiple newsletter stories as well as a wrap-up story in a newsletter after the conference. In addition IBI offers to archive the program and presentations on its website and advertises it.

The IBI Board will make every effort to send a delegate for a keynote speech, if desired (and gives preference to proposals that include a speaker from IBI in the program with full funding provided by the organizers). The conference is encouraged to provide a discounted registration fee for IBI members with the difference being the cost of an annual professional membership to IBI. IBI will be able to equip a booth at the conference with IBI materials and general information about biochar (and gives preference to proposals that waive the registration fee for such a booth).