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2007 IAI Conference (Terrigal, Australia)

IAI Conference participants on a field trip at BEST Energies. Photo courtesy of Jason Smith.

The International Agrichar Initiative (now the International Biochar Initiative) held a conference April 30 - May 2 in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia to review progress achieved in the field of Agrichar production and utilization in the following areas:

Research, Development, and Deployment:

  • Review the results of research and development work in the field of Agrichar and energy co-production
  • Review demonstration and commercial programs that have been operating in the field
  • Identify barriers to commercialization of the Agrichar product and technology, and methods to overcome these barriers
  • Visit sites where Agrichar R&D is underway in Australia

Policy and Education Development:

  • Review new policy and educational initiatives in the field
  • Review economic and environmental studies on the costs and benefits of Agrichar production and utilization


  • Review the goals and tenets of the International Agrichar Initiative
  • Review initiatives and progress to establishing an International Agrichar Organization
  • Prepare a business and development plan for the International Agrichar Initiative, including specific funding and development proposals, and stated programs goals, timelines
  • Prioritize key management questions to be resolved in order to bring the Agrichar agenda to the next stage

A total of 107 participants from 13 countries participated in the conference, representing scientists, economists, farmers, commercial interests, risk management ventures, representatives of the governments of Australia and New Zealand, media representatives, and others. The engagement and participation in research/science, economics, and policy discussions across the diversity of backgrounds was excellent, and made for stimulating and insightful discussions.

For more information on the IAI 2007 Conference, click on one of the links below.