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Biochar Bibliography

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Soil carbon mineralization following biochar addition associated with external nitrogen, Zhao, Rudong, Coles Neil, and Wu Jiaping , Chilean journal of agricultural research, 2015, Volume 75, Issue 4, p.465 - 471, (2015) Abstract
A Monitoring System of Biochar Production Device Based on MCGS, Zhang, Zhi Xia, WENG YAN, Meng Jun, Chen Wen Fu, and Gao Ji Ping , Advanced Materials Research, Volume 898; Chapter 6: Robotics, Control and Measurement Technology, p.672-675, (2014) Abstract
Review on Preparation and Application of Biochar, Zhang, Zhi Xia, Wu Jing, and Chen Wen Fu , Advanced Materials Research, Volume 898, Number Chapter 5: Materials and Technologies in Environmental Engineering, p.456-460, (2014)
Numerical simulation of mass and heat transfer between biochar and sandy soil, Zhang, Jun, Chen Qun, and You Changfu , International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 12/2015, Volume 91, p.119 - 126, (2015) Abstract