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IBI Business Members

IBI is pleased to highlight our Business Members below. We appreciate the support of these companies and organizations. If your company is interested in joining as a Business member, please contact us at

Advanced Resilient Technology

ART systems provide local solutions utilizing waste to generate clean energy, support sustainable economies, and restore environmental habitat - including offering carbon sequestration.  ART systems generate perpetual revenues to recoup investments, generate profits and fund sustainable waste elimination solutions for the future.  Using innovative technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of time-proven methods.  ART reclaims organic wastes by generating energy (electricity and heat) and Biochar.

Biochar is a valuable resource used for environmental filtration, cleaning and restoration.  It can be sold to a wide variety of markets and to obtain carbon credits.  By transforming waste streams that otherwise are deposited in landfills or released into waterways, ART systems significantly reduce vast quantities of unusable waste transforming them into usable products for local energy needs and industrial processes.


Airex Energy

Airex Energy is a technology provider of biomass carbonization systems and a producer of high quality biochar.  Based in Quebec, Canada, Airex has developed a proprietary technology called CarbonFX, which allows the production of biochar, activated biocarbon and biocoal.  The company started operation of a full commercial plant in the fall of 2015, with a production company of 15,000 tons/year.  Airex is selling biochar under its own brand name BiocharFX and is also supplying third parties who are commercializing pure and blended biochar under their brand.  Airex Energy is involved in numerous biochar R&D initiatives with Canadian research centres and industry partners, namely FPInnovations, CTRI, Innofibre, Laval University, and Agriculture Canada.

Airex is a spin-off of Airex Industries, an established manufacturer of dust collectors and industrial ovens, and includes investors like Cycle Capital Management and Desjardins Capital de Risque.  Airex Energy is also supported by the Canadian government through Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), and the Quebec government through Technoclimat and Investissement Québec. For more information and for biochar sales, please contact Sylvain Bertrand (

America Sequesters CO2

America Sequesters CO2 was founded with the belief that a little biochar made by a lot of people can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Our patent pending product, the BioCharlie, enables people to easily make biochar while enjoying a fire in their fireplace at home. The retort is designed in the shape and size of a log and is placed in the fire with other logs while they burn. Flames can be seen coming out of the vent holes as off gasses are released, giving the illusion that the metal log is burning. The BioCharlie is removed the next day after it cools and the biochar is emptied. Batches of biochar can be used to improve the soil in the garden or with potted plantings. The BioCharlie is built to hold up in fire and can be used over and over whenever you want to relax by your fireplace. We make the process simple and fun, kind of like baking an environmental cake with this new accessory for your fireplace.

Our goal at America Sequesters CO2 is to make biochar a commonly known word among non-technical people and to raise awareness of its benefits. Our customers are gardeners, the environmentally conscious, and anybody with a fireplace, wood stove or fire pit who wants to take carbon out of the air and put it back into the soil. “Let Your Fireplace Go Green Tonight” is the tag line for the BioCharlie and many have been sold all over the US and Canada through Amazon and on our own website For more information please contact

ArSta Eco

ArSta Eco is a technology company working on innovative methods of production and commercialization of Biochar. Set in the heart of the Coconut growing belt of Karnataka, India, the company utilizes the abundant residues from this industry. Coconut shell, husk and frond are all utilized in producing various grades of Biochar targeting buyers in the Water Treatment, Agricultural and associated industries. Deploying a modern stand-alone multi feed constant fed Reactor that has multiple product streams of Biochar, Energy and Distillates, the company is negotiating to commission further reactors to key clients keen to solve multiple Agricultural and Municipal waste problems existing within a developing India. ArSta Eco targets to set up multiple reactors in a distributed model to produce Biochar and Clean Energy thereby contributing to meaningful GHG reductions.

Working with rural farm clusters ArSta Eco educates farmers in crop yield enhancement, improved irrigation, waste management and decentralised power generation leading to enrichment of life and raised living standards. We strongly believe that “Localization is the key to sustainability and rural livelihood security”. In addition we collaborate with key Universities exploring new uses for Biochar and welcome research enquiries.

For more information, see


BIOMACON produces modern Combined Heat and Biochar (CHB) pyrolysis technology with the following characteristics:
-          Heat and biochar incidentally
-          Clean biochar
-          Excellent emission values
-          The whole reliable, durable and cost-effective

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them at or email at

Biomass Controls, LLC

Biomass Controls has over 100 years of combined experience in the control technology and data analysis industry.  Our vision is to pioneer biogenic control technology for thermal and power applications.  Our markets include woody biomass, biogenic waste as well as waste water and sanitation solutions.  Our control technology is supported by Software as a Service (SaaS) accessible through our mobile and web application, Kelvin.  Our research and development services support system integration and testing for improved efficiency and reduced emissions.  Biomass Controls' advantage is its research experience with high moisture fuels including four patent awards and over ten patents pending.

Biomass Controls is committed to supporting the United Nations' water, sanitation and hygiene programs (WASH) to improve global public health as outlined in the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.  Biomass Controls believes that the future Global Water Strategy must include: the treatment of non-sewered human waste (SDG 6.3), expansion into SDG 2 by recycling treated human waste byproducts to improve soil health (SDG 2.4), a WASH data model (SDG 6.a), and the generation of renewable energy (SDG7.b) from waste treatment to support clean water projects (SDG 6.1).  This holistic approach will improve global economic growth, provide a knowledge architecture for management, suppoty local agriculture, reduce morbidities and mortalities associated with poor sanitation, and encourage community buy-in of developed programs and services.

Our current flagship product is the Portable Biogenic Processor, a transportable, modular, off-the-grid sanitation system that processes human, and other high moisture biogenic wastes, into valuable end products.  The high moisture biogenic waste is dewatered and dried before it's pyrolyzed in the processor.  Excess heat is used for drying, and the exhaust is scrubbed and odor-controlled so it's safe to be placed close to the community.

For more information on Biomass Controls, please see:

Bio-Techfar Inc.

We believe that we are on the face of the earth to live in the most sustainable manner possible.  Research and science play a key role in making that a reality.  Bio-Techfar Inc. will constantly strive to use Research & Development to address world issues, make our planet a better place and solve environmental concerns.  We focus on innovation and implementing the theoretical research to solve environmental issues through practical applications across the globe.

Our vision is to commercialize and introduce developed technologies to companies and countries all across the globe to; help reduce air pollution, water contamination, introduce renewable fuels and support sustainable development.  We believe in participating in projects that will bring value to our shareholders and the environmentl  We believe in collaboration between the private, public and academic communities across the world and are committed to continued research and innovation in the area of bio-fuels and chemical refining, fine chemistry, resource management and contaminate purification.


Carbon Gold

Carbon Gold is the world’s leading biochar company. We supply value-added biochar products to organic and conventional growers in Europe and beyond. Commercial trials have shown significant yield increases using our enriched biochar blends.

We believe in the sustainable intensification of food production. Our enriched biochar products enable growers to easily introduce effective natural biology into their systems and by doing so increase yields through enhanced plant vitality.


Campos Verdes

camposCAMPOS VERDES is a Franco-Brazilian company belonging to the SLB Group. Based in southern Brazil, the company Campos Verdes is developing a high quality biochar product. The biochar feedstock is FSC certified wood, entirely harvested from afforestation projects. The SLB Group develops partnerships with the Federal University of Parana (Brazil) and Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, a state-owned research affiliated with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply).

The company began operations in January 2015, and its commercial plant will be active in 2016, with a production target of 5000 tons/year of biochar.  For more information, please contact: or see

*Afforestation: The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) defines afforestation as reforested land.

CAMPOS VERDES é uma empresa franco-brasileira, pertencente ao Grupo SLB. Baseada no sul do Brasil, a empresa Campos Verdes desenvolve um programa para a produção de biochar de alta qualidade. O biochar da CAMPOS VERDES utiliza somente madeira no processo de pirolise, 100% proveniente de aflorestamento*, e certificação FSC.  O Grupo SLB desenvolve parcerias com a Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brasil) e Embrapa (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária, instituição pública de pesquisa vinculada ao Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento do Brasil).

A Campos Verdes iniciou suas atividades em janeiro 2015, e desenvolve um projeto de planta comercial que estará ativo em 2016, com meta de capacidade de produção de 5000 toneladas /ano de biochar. Para mais informações, entrar em contato:

* Aflorestamento: Segundo o IPCC, aflorestamento é o plantio de florestas em regiões historicamente sem árvores.

CAMPOS VERDES es una empresa brasileña, que pertenece al Grupo SLB. Con sede en el sur de Brasil, la empresa Campos Verdes desarrolla un programa de producción de Biochar de alta calidad. El Biochar de CAMPOS VERDES solo utiliza, para el proceso de pirólisis, madera procedente 100% de forestación* con certificación FSC. El Grupo SLB colabora con la Universidad Federal de Paraná (Brasil) y EMBRAPA (Empresa Brasileña de Investigación Agropecuaria, institución de investigación pública dependiente del Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Abastecimiento de Brasil).

Campos Verdes empezó sus actividades en enero de 2015, y desarrolla un proyecto de una planta comercial que estará activa en 2016, con un objetivo de capacidad de producción de 5 000 toneladas/año de Biochar. Para más información, contactar con:

*Forestación: Según el IPCC (Panel Intergubernamental sobre el Cambio Climático), es la plantación de bosques en zonas históricamente sin árboles.

Concord Blue

Concord Blue is a waste management company that transforms nearly any form of local waste into a variety of clean, renewable fuels.  Concord Blue has developed a revolutionary closed-loop system that efficiently and cost-effectively produces the highest quality sustainable energy with virtually no pollutants.  Unlike other available waste-to-energy processes, Concord Blue's unique technology benefits the environment, fulfilling all international, EPA and European regulations for renewable energy and air emissions.

Cool Planet Energy Systems

Cool Planet is a developer of solutions for the energy, food and water industries with drop-in fuels and advanced biochar products. We are commercializing technology to create green fuels and biochar in a way that can change the world for good. Our green fuels are chemically identical to fossil fuels, and our “CoolTerra™” enhanced biochar enables fertilizer reduction and increased water retention for increased crop productivity and robust plant health, even in a drought-constrained environment. Cool Planet puts raw biochar through a series of post-processing steps to neutralize pH, increase retention, and microbially condition the pores to support optimum microbiology. Only after these steps does it become CoolTerra™.  Cool Planet’s technology has a broad portfolio of technology and IP, and includes premier investors like BP, Google Ventures, GE, ConocoPhillips, Exelon, and NRG.

For more information on CoolTerra™ and Cool Planet, please see:

Earth Systems Consulting

Earth Systems is a multidisciplinary science and engineering company, which develops and implements effective environment, water, bio-energy and sustainability solutions throughout the world.  Established in 1993, we have successfully completed over 600 major projects in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and the Pacific.

Earth Systems initially developed the CharMaker pyrolysis technology in 2000 and has over many years developed and refined this technology suite for large and commercial biochar solutions.  Our goal was to produce high quality biochar using a cost effective process with minimal smoke emissions.  Tody we now have machines operating in Australia & Asia, and with support from Cyclic Carbon and Green Man Char, we are one of the largest biochar producers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our team is actively refining the technology to improve commercial and product outcomes while supporting research institutions in identifying uses and applications for biochar.  The benefits of this product have not yet been fully recognised in Australia but we hope to introduce a number of industries to its potential.

We are very interested in collaborations with like-minded groups or individuals for further develop the biochar sector.


Florentaise is France's leading manufacturer and distributor of growing media and has been committed to sustainable development for over 15 years.  The company manufacters and markets a comprehensive range of soil mixes, soil improvers and mulches.  Thanks to its expertise, Florentaise can cater equally to the general public and professionals.

Florentaise has geared its strategy entirely towards sustainable development and product innovation.  Fifteen years after the launch of Hortifibre®, Florentaise launched Turbofibre® and continues to innovate, notably with its biochar, commercialized under the name of Greenchar®.


Green Life Products Ltd.

GLP is a solutions led advistory and environmental consultancy organization specializing in low carbon, waste resource management, renewable energy and sustainable project development.  Our diverse and experience team provides expert technical, environmental and planning support and advice to developers, investors, industry, communities and the public sector throughout the entire project life-cycle from feasibility to implementation.  We are a UK based consultancy, strategically located to assist in the efficient delivery of successful projects both at home and abroad. 

For more information on Green Life Products Ltd., please see: (*page under construction - coming soon!)

Greenway Farm / No Fossil Fuel, LLC

Greenway Farm is a self-sustaining, all-natural vegetable farm that was started in 2013 and is staffed by a group of local teens from Sacred Heart and Silver Lake Regional School District (MA).  Currently there are 3 acres of crops and 2 greenhouses.  The farm is completely self sustaining, and we make our own compost from our chickens, vegetables, and worms.  Our gardens are completely natural and we fertilize the soil with our own worm farm.

Por Microgreens are ready to be shipped to local restaurants in the South Shore and Boston.  For questions on procing and sales orders, please contact Mary O'Donnell at 617-688-6088.  For more information about Greenway Farm and No Fossil Fuel, LLC, please see

Guangdong Dazhong Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd

Guangdong logoGuangdong Dazhong Agricultural Science and Technology Co. Ltd is an innovative fertilizer manufacturer, and is one of the leading organic fertilizer producers in China. As a leader of low carbon and eco-friendly agriculture in China, Guangdong Dazhong Agriculture Science Co. has adhered to the mission of a low carbon and high yield fertilizer to be the most cost-effective agricultural products manufacturer. They are located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China and are looking to include biochar in their product range in the near future.

For more information on the company, please visit:


Henan Bene-Ecolife Agricultural Science and Technology Company

henanHenan Bene-Ecolife Agricultural Science and Technology Company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating technology, development, application, sales and service. The company is committed to soil health, fast recovery technology and product development, eco-agricultural/green technology, services and product development, and other fields. The company’s primary technical team is professional, creative, and has participated in a scientific research project with Henan Agricultural University, Henan Agricultural Government, Institution of Pomology of CAAS, and several tobacco companies in China. This work culminated in many new scientific findings, published six papers in core journals, and applied for nine patents.

The company produces a new type of eco-char based fertilizer, which is very effective for improving soil and preventing plant soil-borne disease. The production technology and the eco-char products have been extensively used in farming—with application to more than 14,000ha since 2012.

The company created a “three-trapping technique” green prevention and control system, which achieved significant prevention and control of aphids, soil insects, Lepidoptera pests, viruses and many other pests and diseases. This technique has reduced chemical usage for pest control by 30%, and is environmental, safe, zero discharge, low-energy, also high price/performance ratio. From 2014, the total application of this system has covered more than 1400ha. For more information on the company, please visit: or contact Huanhuan at

Make It Green Solutions AB

Make It Green is a company founded in Halmstad, Sweden.  The company provides green solutions by producing and selling Biochar cook stoves; the clean cook stoves with ability to reduce the smoke up to 80% and generate rich-in-nutrient fertilizer, to people to live in rural areas in developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia.  The stove is attached with modern desgin and innovation which can be easily adapted to the needs of people and improving their quality of life.

Our missions:

  • Providing greener-cleaner cook stoves and related products as the solutions for people in rural areas.
  • Improving peoples health
  • Increasing household economy
  • Mitigating the world climate change through deforestation deduction


Oplandske Bioenergi AS

Oplandske Bioenerhi AS delivers bioenergy (thermal energy) in the form of hot water or steam.  Our sustainable energy is based on the short travelled and CO2-neutral biomass from forestry and agriculture.

  • Oplandske takes care of the investments.
  • You as the customer pays only for the access to the bioenergy grid and energy delivered to your premises.
  • The price of energy is lower than the options from other energy sources.


Rainbow Bee Eater Pty Ltd.

Since 2007 Rainbow Bee Eater has been systematically developing a revolutionary technology to improve the way communities and businesses deal with biomass waste & energy production, while reducing their carbon footprint.

We are proud to present our ECHO2 technology to you.

ECHO2 produces low cost, base load fuel gas or electricity from organic residues such as crop and timber 'wastes' that are burned or landfilled today.

It is suitable for any business or community that uses a few hundred kW of energy on a regular basis.

In many cases the total cost of producing energy (gas, heat, electricity) will be well below current market prices.  The economics are not reliant on subsidies or carbon tax.  It produces low-cost high quality charcoal/biochar as a byproduct.

ECHO2 is automated, quiet, clean and safe and is proudly developed, designed and manufactured in Australia.

The first commercial demonstration modules are now available for your business or community.  Government support may be available to assist customers with 'first of a kind' applications.


Standard Bio

Standard Bio develops and provides profitable technical solutions to treat waste streams, creating value from waste. Our solutions reach into the agricultural sector, food industry, metal and mining industries. Our proprietary technology allows for new possibilities in the upcycling of materials which are currently stored or disposed of, often with a high cost to the businesses involved and with negative environmental impact.

Standard Bio is built on three core concepts:

  1. The KjurromatTM technology is a cyclone system that dries, grinds and separates different kinds of waste stream materials effectively and with low energy consumption.
  2. Our unique pyrolysis system produce biochar from manure, wood and even waste from fish farms at a very low cost compared to existing products by utilizing heat pipe and the KjurromatTM technology. The possibility of integrating pyrolysis systems into existing solutions, such as CHP Plant and thermal solar energy, shows great potential for Standard Bio.
  3. Soil improving products in a form of foliar sprays and granulated products developed from nutrients enriched biochar and vermicompost (by combining the two abovementioned technologies). Our products are based on the concept of utilizing/exploiting problematic waste streams in agriculture – animal manure and green waste. A circular economy is created, supporting and strengthening local communities.

All three core concepts are meant to be implemented in a franchise model, creating a Standard Bio network. 


T.R. MILES TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS, INC. provides technical assistance primarily to industry for complete system design, product, and process development for the wood, food, agricultural and energy industries. The firm continues the innovative consulting design engineering started by Thomas R. Miles, P.E., in 1947. Their equipment is used throughout the world. Projects include harvesting and processing of field crops and residues; harvesting and processing of forest residues and urban wood; boilers, combustion, carbonization and gasification; organic recycling, composting and manure management.
Their special expertise is the development of energy conversion and materials handling systems for wood, crop residues, and food processing residues. They have unique experience in the transformation of ash in wood, straws, stalks, and manures. They design systems for densification, carbonization, gasification, power generation, and residue and nutrient management with a special interest in biochar.

They have sponsored and hosted internet discussions on biomass energy and biochar since 1994, including anaerobic digestion, gasification, improved cooking stoves, a biochar website and a biochar discussion list since 2006. Tom Miles is on the board of directors of IBI, the US Biochar Initiative, and a coordinator of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Working Group. For more information, see

Titan Clean Energy Projects Corp.

Titan Clean Energy Projects Corp. began in 2008 as a project developer, intending to bring groundbreaking technologies to the marketplace.  In nine years, we've invested more than $5 million and created more than a dozen products across a variety of markets from soil amendments to health ad beauty ingredients.

The addition of carbon in agcricultural feed has enormous potential.  There has been a push for consumers and regulators alike to move away from antibiotic, hormone and steroid additives in animal feed.  Studies have shown that carbon can have a positive impact on the overall health of an animal, and the potential Canadian market for biocharbon in animal nutrition at over $2 billion.

To that end we have developed a signature product, Carbon 2M(tm).  Carbon 2M has been independently tested by several Canadian universities and verified as excellent quality.  With research projects uderway in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, Titan intends to lead the way with the introduction of carbon to the Canadian agricultural environment.

Titan has expanded its focus to the larger environmental picture by offering organics recycling services.  This valuable material is often left to slowly decompose in landfills, contributing to greenhouse gasses and necessitating the ever-increasing expansion of these landfills.

Titan intends to divert as much biomass as possible from the waste stream and create valuable new products from organic matter.  To that end, we accept wood waste from construction projects and break it down for carbon production as well as bulk absorbent and energy products.  We also accept treated wood such as rail ties and power poles.  This treated wood and waste material is separated and turned into products exclusively for the energy industry.

For more information, visit Titan's website at

V-Grid Energy Systems

V-Grid Energy Systems is a developer of very affordable on-demand renewable power generation for crop irrigation.  Its founders are the patent office registered inventors of the biochar product that won the 2015 Edison Gold Medal inagriculture and as of 12-1-2015, is the number 1 selling biochar product on Amazon. V-Grid bioenergy servers can produce an even more advanced form of biochar which would otherwise be too expensive to make.  V-Grid Energy Systems believes its technology can significantly upgrade farm soil as well as make ultra low cost electricity.

For more information, visit their website at:

Wakefield Agricultural Carbon

Wakefield Agricultural Carbon LLC, a U.S. based company, focuses on the application of biochar for retail and industrial markets. Its work is devoted to finding innovative ways through biochar to improve the abundance of great organically grown food, beautiful garden flowers, and a healthier environment for everyone to enjoy. The founder of Wakefield, Dr. Thomas R. Marrero P.E., continues his research on the optimization of biochar based products. Additionally, Wakefield is identifying ways to educate the public of its use and establishing a clear plan for the distribution of biochar. Visit to watch us grow!

West Biofuels LLC

West Biofuels and its partners have a strong research and development program coupled with proven commercial success.  R&D projects have advanced our technology to become cost competitive in North American markets, building up successful commercial applications in Europe.

For more information, visit their website at:

Wind River Biomass Utility LLC

Wind River Biomass Utility LLC is a combined heat and power (CHP) utility, based on wood chips from forest restoration harvests, burned in a gasifier/burner and driving Organic Rankine Cycle turbine/generator via a hot-oil heat-exchanger system.  Located on 25 acres of the Wind River Business Park in Hemlock, WA, the site has a 300 gpm well, 15 acres of contiguous nursery fields, road access, broadband, and under-utilized 12.5 kV PUD service.