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Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Departments of Environmental Sciences, Plant Pathology and Ecology, Entomology, and Analytical Chemistry is located at 123 Huntington St. New Haven, CT, United States. The team of 10 are studying: 1) physico-chemical properties of biochar; 2)mechanisms of adsorption of organic compounds by biochar and black carbon in general; 3)influence of biochar on bioavailability of natural and synthetic chemicals in soil; and 4)influence of biochar.

For more information on the program see: or contact Joe Pignatello.

Selected References include:
Symposium on Black Carbon as a Geosorbent and Beyond:  Contaminant Sorption, Soil Fertilization, and Carbon-Negative Strategy; 240th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, MA; Aug 22-26, 2010. 

Adsorption of Single-Ring Organic Compounds to Wood Charcoals Prepared under Different Thermochemical Conditions, Dongqiang Zhu, Seokjoon Kwon, J.J. Pignatello, Environ. Sci. Technol., 39: 3990-3998 (2005).