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Biochar 10-10-10 Reports

On 10-10-10, citizens from around the globe organized and participated in Global Work Party events to find solutions to the climate crisis. These events were coordinated by Some of these events were work parties focused on making, using or educating people about biochar. Here are the reports that have come in so far: 

Country: China
City: Beijing
Event Title: CAU-BG hosts Biochar Action in China
Report Submitted by: Guitong Li
Description: On 10th October, 2010, “Biochar Action in China” 10-10-10 event of was held by CAU-BG in China Agricultural University (CAU). With interesting posters, pictures, colour sheets, and small gifts, knowledge on, biochar, and biochar in China were introduced by the students of CAU-BG, who wear ‘Biochar’ T-shirt uniformly. More than 300 people signed their names on the 5- meter long scroll with logos of, 10-10-10, and the event slogan.

It was an important event about biochar in the 10-10-10 global event of, and good for the publicizing biochar concept in China.

The main participants of the event were Feng Liang (Ph.D student), Tao Ma (Ph.D student), Chenglei Zhang (Ph.D student), Jinhong Zhang (Ph.D student), Yong Yao (Master student), Hua Ye (master student), Dan Li (master student), Xiangyi Wang (master student), Qiuyu Hao (master student), Dandan Yang (master student), Zhencai Sun (master student), Li Fan (master student), Songhua Deng (master student), Liu Cui (master student), etc.
Links: A full PDF from the day

Country: Australia
City:Wagga Wagga
Event Title: Pyrolysis Demonstration
Report Submitted by: Jim Rees
Description: I was able to  demonstrate pyrolysis and speak about the benefits of biochar.

Photo: Jim Reed demonstrates pyrolysis in a simple stove. Photo courtesy of Jim Reed.

Country: Australia
City: Lismore, NSW
Event Title: Day of action at the Lismore Community garden
Report Submitted by: Wayne Wadsworth
Description: Our activity got washed out we will try again on 23/10/10. NOTE: see the great news coverage Wayne got on his project here:
Urban Farming Starts at Home, The Northern Rivers Echo, 21 October 2010

Country: Australia
City: South Tweed Heads
Event Title: World Record
Report Submitted by: Dolph Cooke
Description: my report is not much chop as it rained 3 days solid and everything was wet.
we are reschedulling for the full moon in Aries - will send you an update.

Country: Brazil
City: Rio Branco, Acre
Report Submitted by: Lou Gold
Description: Climate Solutions: Education, Conversation and Action at UNINORTE City University Rio Branco ACRE, Brasil. The day included a demonstration of a wood gas stove that makes biochar and a discussion of Terra Preta and biochar.

Photos: L- Flavio Encarnacao and Vera Brown talk about terra preta, biochar and waste feedstocks. R- Flavio demonstrates a biochar-making stove. Photos courtesy of Lou Gold.

Country: Germany
Event Title: First Carbon Negative Tea Party in Tübingen
Report Submitted by: Jörg Fingas
Description: Spending a wonderful afternoon with the Biochargroup Tübingen. Friends and neighbors could follow Climatefarmer Jörg Fingas presenting World Stoves technology and vision: removing Carbon from the atmosphere while cooking with agroresidua. Thank you for your contribution.
Photos: L- Using the World Stove to make biochar and tea. R- A Tea Party - Tübingen style! Photos courtesy of Jörg Fingas.

Country: Ghana
Event Title: Mango planting with biochar
Report Submitted by: Dr. Osires Ettu Bondy, Nubians Renewal Organisation
Description: Our Event at Bukunor-Asesewa in Ghana took off as planned and we planted fifty (50) mango seedlings with biochar. Over fifty people participated. NUBIANS  RENEWAL ORGANIZATION enjoyed the support and understanding of the Bukunor Communtity and assisted our NGO to plant 50 mango seedling with biochar supplied from our nursery but paid for by a sponsor. Our event was patronized by over 52 community members.

Photos: Nubians renewal planted 50 mango seedling with biochar. Courtesy of Dr. Osires Ettu Bondy, Nubians Renewal Organisation

Country: India
City: Peddamaduru village, Jangaon, Andhra Pradesh
Event Title: Discovering Biochar and Good Stoves
Report Submitted by: Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, GEO Research Center
Description: Students, Farmers, NGOs and GEO family members joined this event to learn about biochar production technologies, Biochar trial plots, other Biochar application technologies - Urinals, Bricks, water filter, washing, biochar producing good stoves, etc. This day was declared as "Biochar Day", for us, hope to conduct similar event every year with better planning for larger participation. As part of the same event, as 10-10-10 was sunday, 250 children from High school of Peddamaduru village were sensitized on Biochar and good stoves at the Research Center. The discussions were podcast, please find in links below.

Photos: L- Sai Bhaskar Reddy demonstrates clean cookstoves that make biochar to students. R- Dr. Reddy explains biochar field trials to students. Photos courtesy of Sai Bhaskar Reddy.

Country: Swaziland
City: Bhunya
Event Title: Letter to the Editor
Report Submitted by: Patrick Bhekisisa Dlamini
Description: Wrote and submitted a letter to the Sunday Times of Swaziland about the problem of invasive alien species (IAS) which are depleting our rangelands, crop lands and water resources. The Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs has (with the help of our Members of Parliament) tried to combat the continued depletion of the above natural resources by engaging communities to destroy the invasive alien species. Some people in some quarters have suggested the plants be cut and sold for cash. This sounds to me like a brilliant idea but the question is what would the buyer do with the baggage? The answer could be biochar to improve soils and sequester carbon

Country: USA
City: Belchertown, MA
Event Title: 24hr Global Climate Crisis WEBINAR
Report Submitted by: Alan Page
Description: We had interesting discussions on Sunday that spanned both oceans, and a few technical webinar system glitches, but the participation of IBI and 350 people was extremely limited. Those who did connect agreed that we should repeat the discussions on a regular basis. We are going to be testing other webinar systems soon and hope ti decide on one that will serve our needs best. It is clear that one needs a capable support team to engage a wide audience. Good one on one discussions can work with the software that we had used.

Country: USA
City: Gainesville, FL
Event Title: 10-10-10 Biochar and Waste-to-Energy Open House in Gainesville, FL
Report Submitted by: Deborah Green, GREENLIQUID&GAS Technologies
Description: Green Liquid and Gas Technologies (GLGT), a Gainesville, Florida bioenergy company, held an open house and educational event on waste-to-energy and biochar, in coordination with 10-10-10 events around the world coordinated by the IBI and The importance of converting waste-to-energy and the value of biochar for soil amendment and carbon sequestration were themes of this event.  Approximately 50 people crowded into the company’s warehouse to hear presentations and see Green Liquid and Gas Technologies' commercially available pyrolysis-gasifier in action. Dr. Nicholas Comerford, Director of the North Florida Research and Education Center of the University of Florida in Quincy, is doing research on the benefits of biochar for Florida soils, following years of research on biochar in Brazil. Comerford’s center is the purchaser of the first GPG, which was demonstrated at the open house. As explained by Comerford, elsewhere biochar has been shown to hold nutrients, foster beneficial microorganisms, and help convert compost to stable soil organic matter. At the 10-10-10 Open House, Ms. Cindy O’Connell, O’Connell Consulting and University of Florida Trustee, made opening remarks about Sustainable Environmental Initiatives. Short presentations were made by Mr. Bill Vasden Jr., USCJO and Florida Feedstock Growers Association, on Commercial Biomass and Biofuel Feedstock Farming in Florida, by Dr. Comerford, on Soil Improvement and Carbon Sequestration with Biochar, by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, on Biochar Research at the University, and by Dr. Green, on Solid Waste to Energy by Advanced Thermal Technologies. Considerable publicity for the 10-10-10 event was obtained, with Ch 20 WCJB, the ABC affiliate in Gainesville, doing a spot on the 6PM and 11PM news. The 6PM spot is viewable through a link from GLGT’s website.
Photos: R- Biochar is extruded from the pyrolyzer (approx. 25% of feedstock volume) L- Jacob Gordon, 9th grader at Gainesville High, grandson of Alex Green, and IBI member, packages the biochar samples. Biochar can be dusty, hence the mask. Photos courtesy of D.Green

Country: USA
City: Fort Collins, CO
Event Title: Biochar Basics & Demonstration
Report Submitted by: Biochar Future
Description: A Feed-In was the Environmental Action Collective's 10-10-10 event, and was a great way to highlight how almost half of our nation's food goes to waste. The socioeconomic implications of this wasted resource were presented in a poster about Overpopulation and Justice/Equity Issues.
Themes for the Feed-In focused on:
Wasted Food, which generates greenhouse gases as it rots back into the carbon cycle.
Wasted CO2-producing energy, which is used to grow that extra food.
Wasted Land and the exhaustion of our land due to resource-intensive agriculture, which degrades the planet's largest natural carbon sink, the soil.
The Biochar poster presentation described this carbon dilemma and compared conventional agriculture with no-till, organic, and permaculture. Biochar and other humic substances can help restore Earth's main carbon sink, the soil that is the source of our sustenance. A graphic of the carbon cycle, detailing the large reservoirs of carbon in the soil, was central to the "solution" section of the poster. Pyrolysis pictures on the poster were a good way to begin education about carbon, CO2, humus, and biochar.
A demonstration of biochar production (from corncobs), using a TLUD gasifier by woodgascampstovesDOTcom, worked quickly and easily when weather and other activities permitted. John Anderson, of CoWormManDOTcom, enjoyed a hearty meal and conversations with the group about biochar, vermi-composting, and agricultural philosophies. WOW!
Photos: Biochar Basics demo and poster presentation. Photos courtesy of Biochar Future

Country: USA
City: Berkeley, CA
Event Title: APL Biochar and Gasification PowerExchange Workshop
Report Submitted by: Rachel Norman
Description: Our day of 10-10-10 action started a little on the early side. Around 5 am on 10-10-10 Jim Mason, Nathaniel Taylor, and Beni Lew (joining us all the way from the Volcani Institute in Israel) completed making two types of biochar for application at the Berkeley Community Garden. At the garden around 10:10 am on 10-10-10 Kelpie Wilson of the International Biochar Initiative discussed her work and experience with biochar while Jim Mason explained how it was made using the BEK (Biochar Experimenter's Kit). We applied the two types of biochar to the prepared test beds, leaving a third as a control. Kelpie stressed the importance of also adding Nitrogen to the soil when applying biochar. Following this most of us traipsed off to the port-o-pottie to collect cups of urine to add to the test plots. After applying char, urine, and some native California plants to the test plots we returned to APL to run the BEK, 10 kW Power Pallet gasifier system, and work on other projects. About 60 participants joined us for this and a series of biochar talks throughout the day.
We recorded all of the talks - so check out our videos on YouTube if you want to see more.
Kelpie Wilson, International Biochar Initiative - Brazil Biochar Travelogue
Lopa Brunjes, Carbon War Room and Biochar Engineering - Biochar Basics
Jim Fournier, Biochar Engineering - Biochar's Role in Mitigating Climate Change
Andrew Crane-Droesch, PhD Student UC Berkeley - Biochar Impact on Plant Productivity
Photos: L- working on the BEK at All Power Labs. R- adding biochar to the Berkeley permaculture garden. Photos courtesy of Kelpie Wilson.

Country: USA
City: Keene, NH
Event Title: Introduction to Biochar at Stonewall Farm
Report Submitted by: Doug Clayton
Description: Twenty five people attended our event at Stonewall Farm. Biochar Northeast members Dr. Hugh McLaughlin, Doug Clayton and Chip Chapman talked about biochar and demonstrated the construction and use of various home scale biochar producing devices. The biochar "show and tell" continued with Doug Clayton's firing of his "three barrel top-lit up-draft rocket-retort" at nearby Phenix Farm in Marlborough, New Hampshire. The biochar produced was incorporated into a working compost. We also did some cooking on Hugh McLaughlin’s biochar producing grill (a recent variation on his 1G Toucan TLUD; construction instructions can be found by Googling 1G Toucan TLUD). Biochar Northeast (BNE) is a non-profit organization established to advance the ethical use and creation of biochar. BNE members offer workshops and lectures to familiarize the public with what biochar is, how it can be made, how it should be used, and what promise it holds for addressing our climate change challenge.
Photos: L- fresh char ready for the compost pile. R- Hugh McLaughlin demonstrates a biochar BBQ. Photos courtesy of Doug Clayton.