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Conference Sponsors 2007

Conference Sponsors ($5,000) include:

BEST Energies:  Best Energies is a leader in the development of slow pyrolysis solutions. Our proprietary process utilizes local biomass to create clean syngas to offset natural gas, green electricity, carbon credits and carbon rich end products.

Biojoule deals in the supply of energy from biomass. The current focus is on the final stages of introducing an innovative pellet mill that will deliver high quality fuel pellets for heat and power from wood and other biomass sources. 

Clean Air Task Force (CATF):  The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring clean air and healthy environments through scientific research, public education, and legal advocacy. 

Crucible Carbon: a collaboration between the Crucible Group Pty Ltd and Pekabu investors, Crucible Carbon is committed to energy and resource processing solutions that are carbon neutral or better. Innovative focus is on the pyrolysis of biomass, including algae to produce oils, gas, and char.

The Department of Environment & Climate Change NSW [formerly Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW)] is the New South Wales State Government Agency responsible for the implementation and delivery of the Government’s major policy reforms and programs involving protecting and conserving the environment, natural resources and meeting the challenges of climate change.

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation:  Dynamotive develops and markets BioOil fuel technology and products based on its patented fast pyrolysis technology. Using this advanced method, Dynamotive produces and now markets carbon-neutral liquid fuels produced from cellulosic biomass.  Renewable Oil Corporation is an Australian company holding an exclusive technology licensing agreement with Dynamotive.

New South Wales (NSW) Department of Primary Industries (DPI):  The NSW Department of Primary Industries acts in partnership with industry and other public sector organizations to foster profitable and sustainable development of primary industries in New South Wales, Australia.

Renewed Fuels is a specialist project developer, focused to optimise resource value and energy recovery from waste materials, or otherwise currently undervalued resources.  Renewed Fuels is currently developing a 76,000 (w)t/pa Agrichar production plant to be sited at Australian Paper Maryvale Mill, Victoria, which will use all the pulp and paper wastes from this mill and combine them with sawdust and wood residues to product 10,000 t/pa of Agrichar. 

Conference Supporters ($2,500) include:

The Australian Greenhouse Office, part of the Department of the Environment and Water Resources, delivers the majority of programmes under the Australian Government’s climate change strategy. 

Office of Biorenewables Programs (OBP), Iowa State University: The Office of Biorenewables Programs (OBP) is an outgrowth of the Bioeconomy Initiative—a campus-wide effort, launched in 2002, to investigate the use of biorenewable resources as sustainable feedstocks for producing chemicals, fuels, materials, and energy. 

Conference Contributers ($1,000) include:

BioEnergy Australia Ltd: Bioenergy Australia has developed a forestry/renewable energy model and process that is unique in the market today.  The Company has developed a system whereby a renewable biofuel (high density pellets, charcoal, and energy) can be delivered to the market within 2 to 3 years of planting.

Biomass Coordinating Council (BCC):  The BCC is working to accelerate the adoption of renewable biofuels, biopower, and biobased products into mainstream American society through work in policy initiatives, convening, networking, and communications. 

Biomass Energy and Carbon: Biomass Energy & Carbon develops biomass gasification technologies that produce clean producer gas streams for electrical and thermal energy as well as oxygen blown gasification systems that produce synthesis gas as a feed stock for catalytic gas-to-liquid fuel production.

ICT International was established in 1982 with the focus of providing world class quantitative monitoring technologies to commercial agriculture, agricultural scientific research, environmental monitoring, and engineering communities.

Renew the Earth (RTE): Renew the Earth (RTE) is a non-profit organization that advocates policies, practices, and investments for increasing energy and environmental sustainability in the United States and globally.

Rick Davies is a consultant for international development aid programmes and is interested in applications of bio char that could benefit poor rural communities in Africa and Asia, via increased soil fertility and income from carbon credit & carbon offset sales.