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Poster Presentations at the 2007 Conference in Terrigal, NSW

Agrichar as a Material

Agrichar Technology

  • Somerville, M. and D. Langberg: The Characterization of Pyrolysis Products Produced from Low Value Fractions of Mallee Gums
  • Somerville, M. and R. Van Berkel: The Utilization of Waste Biomass in SA

Agronomic Agrichar Research and Field Trials

Status of Soil Carbon Levels, Soil Health, Use of Agrichar as a Soil Conditioner

  • Zhong, Z. and H. R. Flanagan: The Physical and Chemical Properties of Bamboo Charcoal and its Application as a Soil Conditioner
  • Van Zwieten, L. et al.: Papermill Agrichar: Benefits to Soil Health and Plant Production
  • Jin, H. et al.: Soil Microbial Community Response to Amending Rice Soils with Bamboo Charcoal
  • Major, J. et al.: Fate of Biochar Applied to a Colombian Savanna Oxisol during the First and Second Years

Use of Agrichar for Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Credits

Co-Production of Agrichar and Energy

Terra Preta Soils

Policy and Educational Applications of Agrichar and Energy Systems