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Conference Committees 2007

Organizing Committee

  • Ellen Baum, Senior Scientist Clean Air Task Force, USA
  • Adriana Downie, Process Engineer, BEST Energies, AUS
  • Bill Holmberg, Chairman, Biomass Coordinating Council, ACORE, Renew the Earth, USA
  • Debbie Reed, Coordinator, International Agrichar Initiative, USA
  • Judy Siegel, President, Energy and Security Group, Secretary, Renew the Earth, USA
  • Thayer Tomlinson, Energy and Security Group, USA
  • Lukas Van Zwieten, Senior Research Scientist NSW Department of Primary Industries, AUS
  • Stephen Joseph, Chief Engineer, Best Energies, AUS

Science Committee

  • Robert Brown, Bergles Professor in Thermal Science, Iowa State University, USA
  • Joe Chaisson, Technical Director, Clean Air Task Force, USA
  • Annette Cowie, Research Scientist, NSW Department of Primary Industries, AUS
  • Johannes Lehmann, Associate Professor, Cornell University, USA
  • Etelvino Henrique Novotny, Embrapa Soils, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, BRAZIL 
  • Don Reicosky, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA